Cu Chi tunnels & Cao Dai temple

One-day tour


 Early depart for Tay Ninh-a province in South-west of HCM city where most of people believe in Cao Dai religion. Cao Dai is a typical religion combined by Confucism, Taoism and Buddhism  which appeared in Vietnam in 1926. “Cao Dai” means a high place or region. it means the high or supper religion in the world of belief. A short time to visit the mid-day ceremony with many followers of  Cao Dai religion in the main hall and visit a typical Cao Dai church in Tay Ninh. Lunch in local restaurant in Tay Ninh and then depart for Cu Chi tunnel. A system of  2000metres tunnel underground  used to be a good place for Vietnamese soilders and villagers to hide away from heavy attacks during the war. Explore how local  people live their lives inside this tunnel and listen to the guide telling about historical stories relating to this site.  Being back to HCM city and the tour ends.

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Tour include : car, liciensed tour guide, blottled water, entrance tickets, hotel’s pick-up and lunch.

Type of tour : private

Departure time : any time                 

Time spend :  1 day 


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