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 Unesco Heritage

 A different way to explore Hue!


Who  has been to Hue, their  memory of  a  destination with  many royal buildings and the lovely Perfume river will never fade in their mind. Moreover, the unique harmony between the architecture, the scenery and the people lifestyle makes this destination be a particular atmosphere which you hardly .forget even you want to forget or not.

Depart from the city center and drive over Trang Tien to visit the Citadel of Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945)-  the last dynasty in Vietnam, reigned by 13 Emperors from Gia Long to Bao Dai. We can vistit Noon Gate, Harmony Palace, Manderins palaces, royal theatre, …etc.

Go along the corner of the Citadel to Kim Long or Golden Dragon village to explore Hue typical garden house and then drive to Ha Khe hill to visit the Heavenly Lady( or Thien Mu pagoda).

From here, we drive to the local restaurant for lunch and then we drive to visit the mausoleum of Tu Duc Emperor who was also a famous poet in Vietnam in 19th century. A small village making insence sticks and conical hats nearby is always our last amazing stop whenever we travel to Hue city. Try your best to be a perfect insence sticks and conical hat make 




Tour include : car, licienced tour guide, blottled water, entrance tickets, hotel’s pick-up and drop-off, lunch in the former mandarin house.

Type of tour : joined group

Departure time : 7:00 AM

Return : 7:00 PM







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