Tour 2 : The Art Skills

Length : 12 kms
Time spent: 5 hours.
Morning tour : 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Afternoon tour : 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

At 8:00 AM or 1:30PM. We pick you up at your hotel to our office before touring.

Start your day by cycling to the local ferry to take a boat trip to the other bank of the river to Cam Kim village.


 An nice view to the river when we are on boat. The wooden ferries full of local passengers and school sstudent with their bikes, scooters... would be the nice photos for real photographers.


The first village we visit is boat building village which has a long establish and tradition in making wooden boat. They can make from small wooden boat for their fishermen’s customers to the bigger one for sending abroad with thousands of dollars.


Next to is the famous carpentry village created by family name Huynh. We see tiny Buddha, flower vases, chop stick, brave lions, smoothly dragons…being made by wood. Many medals from the national exhibitions.




Another sleeping mat weaving village just 4 km from here is rather an amazing stop. Cycle on small and narrow paths along green rice field to see how the local making tiny reeds become beautiful mats.

Continue cycle on the rural paths leading over funny pontoon bridge and take a break on the coffee shop nearby for cold drink or beer to free your legs.

Heading back to the ferry for a boat trip up to the Thu Bon river bank to Thanh Ha pottery village.  In the distance, you can hear the sound from clay whistles and funny laugh of the village’s children. Take a walk to the village, a huge and amazing lively picture of pottery objects appearing in front of your eyes nearby.


Walk around the village to different houses, you can see the old village women are create beautiful pottery objects from clay on a round tables. They are warm enough to invite you to make your own pottery products from their friendly help.

  Say goodbye to the village, we cycle along the serene river to the local home for tasty lunch.

                                        Friendly service!




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