Tour 1:  Water Moves

Length : 11 kms

Time spent : 5 hours
Morniing tour : 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Afternoon tour : 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM


At 8:00 or 1:30 PM, we will pick you up at your hotel in Hoi A to our office.
Cycling to local temple for understand of Confucian in Vietnam and how the local living their in the community.

    The next stop on road is srene Buddhist pagoda, the unique one with amazing architectec with mosaic. You can see some monks living here.


       On the roads to the herb garden, we pass green rice fields, peanut farm, mandarin garden, duckling moving around near the lotus ponds.

     Very nice garden full of different green vegetable and herbs appear in front of you. Here and there, some rows of colourful flowers like yellow daisy, red lily… make this place more colour. The farmers are nice enough to help plating the hers in their own garden.

Follow the narrow concrete lanes along the romatic river to the beautiful An Bang beach.


         Take a rest on place nearby to enjoy the beautiful little waves, sometime strong and weak and not forget to have a cold drink, coconut juice or cold local beer… A short brake but needed to free your legs.            

       When your time spent at beach is over, we cycle through narrow lanes near shrimp farms with many coconut trees along your sides. Pass some traditional villages where some kids play on the ground, some kinder gardens, fish farms, schools… on the way.                                 

           Ride your bike to the river bank for a boat trip up to the river. From here, you can see local ferries crossing the river, fishermen do their fishing on river.  


               So many fishing nets hanging on the water and colourful fishing boats anchor nearby will be the perfect settings on water.


           You can see nearby the betel farm on the way, and tinny houses of fishermen…

The boat trip is continue heading to the town and we take your bicycle explore the local market before cycle to the local house for tasty lunch.                                           

After lunch, we cycle back to the office and the tour ends.

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